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Healing Blisters & Princess Excitement

I haven’t posted lately because I am really, truly trying to take this week off running.  It sucks because I actually have time this week and I am feeling energetic and motivated.  However, I am trying to let these blisters heal.  I still have several on each foot, and it’s my own fault because I haven’t given myself time to get better.

The Husband says that if they’re not better before my run this weekend, he’ll pop them and super glue them shut.  I’m not sure if this is particularly safe; I need to look it up.  I’m wary of the Husband’s remedies, but they always work for him.

Meanwhile, today I printed and signed my waiver for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

For Disney races, it’s best to print and sign your waiver so you have it ready for packet pick-up at the expo before the race.  I’ve been working on our itinerary for Disney and I’m getting so excited!  I also e-mailed a custom t-shirt place today about shirts for my running group.  Yay!

I’ve been kicking around plans for some other races, too, and hope to be able to announce some soon.  🙂

Okay, runners: What upcoming races are you looking forward to?


4 Responses

  1. Uhhhh blisters! My worst enemy, and I get them all the time. I hope they heal fast. I use blister pads by the Band-Aid brand, and they do work, and help to heal faster.

  2. I also use the blister band-aids, and they heal my blisters really fast. And now that my blisters are gone, I still wear the blister pads as a preventative (sp?) on each run.

    I’m really looking forward to the Princess Half as well! I printed out my waiver last night and put it in my “princess” folder 🙂

    I’m also excited for the Run to the Plunge 5K the Saturday after the Princess race, and I have the NYC Half the weekend after that! Exciting!!!

  3. Yikes! That says it all. Good luck with the blisters, Babe.

  4. Man, you have a full race schedule! That’s awesome. I have a princess race folder, too. 🙂 Well, between your advice and Julie’s, I’m definitely going to have to pick up some of those Band-Aid blister pads.

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