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Princess Weekend: Almost Here!

Princess weekend is almost here!  We are leaving tomorrow.  I have spent this week focusing on the following:

  • Resting, eating healthy, and taking cold medicine so I can recover from being sick.  I’m about 90% right now, which is good enough for me!
  • Meeting our yearbook deadline.  It’s not going to happen, sadly.  We’re just not ready.
  • Getting things done at work.  Next week begins Florida’s standardized testing and I’m out on Monday, so I have to get things ready for a sub.  On top of that, I’m serving on several task forces right now.
  • Cheerleading.  My girls are performing at a school pep rally on Monday.  They are ready for a performance, but it’s taken some extra practicing.  They’re going to be awesome!
  • Finalizing race plans.  I’m printing our itinerary and packing tonight.  Also, our matching shirts came today.  🙂  I still need to find some throwaway clothing for Sunday morning ’cause it’s going to be COLD!

I won’t have Internet access at Disney this weekend, so expect a full Princess Weekend review with lots of expo, race, resort, and park pictures coming next week. Yay!!


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  1. Check the Husband’s closet for throw-away clothes…I’m sure there are some winners! Good luck, we’ll be thinking of you!!!

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