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The Dish on Running Skirts

A few people commented on my last post (A Real Person’s Guide to Finish a Half Marathon) that they were interested in the idea of running skirts and wanted to know more.  As a running skirt devotee (I am even wearing on in the author picture on this blog!), I am happy to share my knowledge and opinions!

Representing in a skirt at Disney’s Race for the Taste

Here are some common running skirt questions and answers!

What is a running skirt?  A running skirt is just what it sounds like – a skirt made of athletic, moisture wicking material that can be worn for running or walking.  In general, running skirts are available in two main styles: with attached briefs, much like the “spankies” you would wear under a tennis skirt or cheerleading uniform, or attached shorts with an inseam of anywhere from 2-5 inches.

Why would someone run in a skirt?  For me, because I live in a hot climate (Florida), I run in skirts during the warm months (that’s most of them) to stay cool.  In cooler months, I love running in my capri pants!  But, when it’s too hot for those, I need to keep cool.  I like the fit and feel of compression shorts, but no one needs to see my butt in those!  So I buy running skirts with attached compression shorts: all the support and comfort of shorts, with a pretty skirt to cover it all up.  😉  Running skirts definitely keep you cool, and I think they also look cute and feminine.

Where do I get a running skirt?  My two favorite skirt sellers are Skirt Sports and RunningSkirts.com.  I own two Gym Girls Ultras from Skirt Sports and they are probably my most-worn skirts; one is pink and the other is black. 

I also own an Athletic Skirt from RunningSkirts.com that is blue and I really love it a lot.  All of these skirts have built-in shorts. 

If you’d rather try briefs, go for the Skirt Sports Marathon Girl or the RunningSkirts.com regular Running Skirt.  I also have some friends who swear by Atalanta Athleticwear.  Many skirt girls like the Commitment skirt with the compression shorts, but I only have the Inspiration with the briefs and I almost never wear it.  A Commitment skirt is on my list, though!

If you’re hesitant to buy online (all these website have great customer service, by the way) check out your local running stores and Target stores.  C9 by Champion running skirts can be found at Target, while skirts from other running brands like New Balance, Nike, and Adidas might be found at your local running store.  Outlets for these brands are another place to find skirts at a reasonable price that you can actually try on.

What kind of running skirt should I buy?  Personally, I buy running skirts with compression shorts attached.  I’m not thin and I have some pretty serious legs from years of cheerleading.  Therefore, my thighs rub together when I buy the skirts with briefs, which is not so fun!  It’s really all about personal preference; you have to try all different types and varieties to find a style that works for you!

I’ve tried running skirts, but the shorts ride up and my thighs rub together.  What’s up with that?  First of all, make sure you’re buying the proper size!  Try on a few sizes to find a size that works for you.  Next, buy a brand with long-ish shorts.  I find that the Skirt Sports Gym Girl has a long enough inseam so the fabric stays put, and I’ve heard excellent things about the Atalanta Athleticwear Commitment shorts not riding up, as well.  In my opinion, if the shorts have a short inseam (I find that Nike shirts have this issue) then they will ride up.  If the shorts are longer, the often stay in place better!  Third, try Body Glide to keep your shorts in place, and lastly, this sounds gross, but once you work up a good sweat, your shorts will stay in place better, too!

In conclusion, I can’t say enough good things about running skirts!  For me, they are comfortable and cool during summer months.  I think they’re very cute and love how many patterns and colors they come in.  I also love the camaraderie in the skirt community – it’s always fun to talk to other skirt girls at races!

If you’re been thinking about running skirts, I highly suggest you do some research and check them out.  Let me know if you have any other skirt questions!

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