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Fresh Foods vs. Convenience Items

Blogging & Food

I’m sure you’ve noticed that, while I experimented with this mainly being a food blog at first, I no longer blog about what I eat.  First of all, I didn’t enjoy it.  Second of all, it was making me weird and I was feeling obligated to eat certain ways due to the blog.  Third of all, it was HUGELY time consuming.  And lastly, I like to write about running more than I like to write about food, even though I love food.

I had gotten the idea that in order to blog about running, I had to blog about food, too, since that’s what most running or fitness bloggers do.  Then it occured to me: I can just write about running and fitness!  Sweet!

However, I’m still a healthy eater.  I continue to try out new restaurants that serve local foods and shop at my farmer’s market and the new Phillipi Farmhouse Market in Sarasota.  (To try soon:  Cafe Zest and Dakin Farms milk, both local!) 

BUT, even though this isn’t a food blog, I found a great article called “Want Healthy Kids? Learn How too Cook!” on CNN.com today that I wanted to share.  People who cook more fresh foods and rely less on pre-packaged convenience items are healthier.  I would probably rely on those convenience items more if the Husband didn’t love to cook, so I am extremely grateful to him!

Speaking of Running…

I’m off work for the beginning of spring break today, so I met up with my parents for breakfast and then went for a run on the Legacy Trail, a rails-to-trails project in Sarasota. 

Run Stats

  • Distance:  No clue.  The trail doesn’t have mile markers (it seems?) and I don’t own a Garmin.  3.5 miles?
  • Time: 40 minutes
  • Run 2/walk 1

I’m meeting up with my Galloway group tomorrow morning for a celebratory fun run and breakfast potluck.  Fun!

Tomorrow, I am leaving for a full week in Orlando with my parents and some friends from college.  (Well, the Husband’s friends, but whatever.)  Don’t expect much posting!  I’ll see you after spring break.  🙂

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