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Monday, Monday

I had such a wonderful, productive day at work yesterday!  I managed to tackle all the little things on my to do list: answering e-mails, filing a HUGE pile of stuff from the last month, writing lesson plans and creating materials for this week’s lessons, interview prospective team members, making copies, and, of course, trying to teach something, too.

The productive mood continued when I arrived home and headed out for a run.  Good news: I can hear my interval watch even with music on my mp3 player! 

Run Stats:

  • Distance: 3.14 miles
  • Time:  About 38:00 (didn’t do the stopwatch, just the interval timer!)
  • Run 2/walk 1

I had recently updated my running playlist, so I had new music to jam to.  🙂

This Saturday, I’m going to a kick-off for the new marathon training program at Fleet Feet Sarasota.  Any other Sarasota runners planning on doing this training program?  I am hoping that my running buddies Whitney and Sue will be back at it with me.  I’ll be using this program to stay in shape for fall half marathons and (tentatively) train for the Disney Marathon in January 2011!

Even though my shins are sore from pounding out 8 total miles two days in a row, my productivity continued today: I just did a 15-minute speed clean on my house.  It’s a running rest day, but I did some cardio cleaning!  I set the kitchen timer and managed to accomplish the following things:

  • Tidying clutter in the living room
  • Febreezing the living room
  • Sweeping the living room, front porch, and kitchen
  • Folding and putting away my PJs
  • Putting away the ironing board
  • Tidying clutter in the bedroom
  • Wiping the kitchen counter
  • Putting away clean dishes

And I packed a lunch for tomorrow, too!  Whole wheat toast, cheese, tomato soup, Kashi Heart to Heart, strawberry yogurt, pineapple, and an apple.  Go me!  I almost never pack my lunch until just before bed, or even in the morning.  (Obviously, I live in a tiny house, or I never would have accomplished all this in 20 minutes.)

I’m off to accomplish more while I’m feeling it: a trip to the library is in my near future!

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