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Earth Day Run

Happy Earth Day!  I’m not a big Earth Day person because the Husband and I try to live a pretty “green” life year-round.  We did have a dress down day at school today, though!  (Yes, I participate in these.)

In honor of Earth Day, here are some things that I do to save the planet:

  1. Recycle!  We recycle everything – yogurt containers, soup cans, cereal boxes, milk jugs.  Sarasota has weekly recycling pick-up and they’ll take several kinds of plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, and glass.  The recycling program here is much better than in Celebration (they hardly picked up anything) or Orlando (they didn’t pick up at all!)  I grew up in a big recycling house.  I recycle in the classroom too; we have two recycle bins, one for paper and cardboard and one for plastic.
  2. Walking and biking around our neighborhood.  We live too far for me to walk or bike to school, but after school and on the weekends, I rarely get in my car.  Grocery stores, restaurants, theaters, and the library are all within walking or biking distance.  Today we biked to the library, Wednesday we walked to go out to eat.
  3. Using reusable shopping bags.  I started using this mainly for convenience – they hold more groceries and are easier to carry than paper or plastic grocery bags!  I like that I don’t throw away so many plastic bags anymore, either.  I recently found out that I can buy reusable produce bags, too, and I’m going to get some ASAP!
  4. Watch our electricity usage.  Now, this I partially do for the budget, but also for the environment!  🙂  We’re proud that we haven’t turned on our AC yet this year – we’re going to see how long we can make it into may.  (We live in Florida, so this is a minor miracle.)

There are more steps I would like to take as well, mostly related to food, such as buying more local foods.

After work, I ate two snacks (gala apple + Kashi and Chobani), read my new Better Homes and Gardens magazine, biked to the library for new books, and then went on a run!  Yes, yours truly squeezed in TWO runs this week!

Run Stats

  • Distance:  3.14 miles (the same loop I always run around my neighborhood unless I go over the causeway)
  • Time: 37:40
  • Run 2/walk 1

Before my run, I had a headache and an upset stomach but I decided to head out and see how I felt.  I ended up doing just fine and making great time.  I felt fabulous afterward! The thing about running is that I don’t always feel like going, but I have never, ever regretted going for a run.  (Except maybe that one time.)

Bonus: I got home just in time for chicken enchiladas and Community on NBC.  Life is good!

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