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Good Times, Great Oldies

Saturdays don’t get any better than this!

My day started early when we headed out around 8:15 to run neighborhood errands: we walked to the bank, Sarasota Downtown Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, and a neighborhood cafe to grab bagels.  We came home with all sorts of goodies… corn on the cob, gala apples, onions, garlic, potatoes, tomato, and two loaves of focaccia bread.  Yum!

After our errands, I slipped into some running clothes and headed to Fleet Feet Sarasota for the kick-off of their new Galloway training program.  It is technically training for November full and half marathons, but I paid for the full marathon program.  I plan to run a couple fall halfs and have Pat from Fleet Feet help me tweak the training program to get ready for the Disney Marathon in January.

I’ve roped my running buddies from the last Galloway training, Sue and Whitney, into running with me again!  They’re both excited to do fall half marathons, and I’ve pretty much got Sue on board for the Disney full.  YES!  Whitney will take some working on, but I’m hoping to talk her into it.  :)  Races are SO much more fun with good friends, especially during training.

After our kick-off meeting, the three of us gals ran a quick loop around the area – probably not more than 1.5 miles.  We mainly just wanted to see Whitney’s sister’s new house, which we checked out during the run!

All afternoon, we ran non-neighborhood errands that involved driving – we try to do those all in one big trip each weekend.

This evening, we attended our first neighborhood event!  I can’t believe we’ve lived here since August and never made it to any of these fun activities.  The downtown Sarasota neighborhoods are mostly built around and named after local parks, and ours is no different.  Our Laurel Park Neighborhood Association was putting on a “tunes in the park” event with a potluck dinner and an oldies band.  We made a big salad, and headed over to enjoy an evening of food, company, and music.  It was so fun!




We just arrived home (with an empty salad bowl!) and unpacked our picnic stuff.  I’m totally beat and am about to lay on the couch and watch as much of Clue as I can stay awake for!  (Clue is one of the best comedy films ever made – if you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it!)

Husband and I might be going on a trail run tomorrow – stay tuned!

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