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First Trail Run

Wow!  I really haven’t been around in a while.  I’m sorry I keep doing this, and I’m going to use the same excuse again:  work.  I have a goal of posting every other day, but the end of the school year is a very busy time.  I am not a teacher who “coasts” to the end of the year – I am a teacher who puts every ounce of effort possible into keeping my kids engaged and ending the year right!

Anyway, I wanted to write about our first trail run!  Last Sunday, we took a trip about 30 minutes south on US-41 to Oscar Scherer State Park to hit the trails.  Mike and I are tentatively planning on doing the Lakeshore Miracle Run, “the toughest race you’’ll ever love,” when we’re up in Michigan this summer.  It’s a 10k trail race, so we thought we better start training!

Here’s Mike ready to run, doing his own Team Zissou pose:


Skirted up and ready to hit the trails:


I had run the day before and my shins were bothering me, so while Mike took off to run the 3-mile loop, I opted to walk it.  We made sure to be smart on the trails:

  • Carrying water (in my nerdy hydration belt!)
  • Wearing sunscreen and bug spray
  • Wearing a hat
  • Wearing good shoes
  • Staying on the trail


I didn’t wear a watch, but walking the 3-mile trail, which included sandy areas and areas of hard-packed dirt, took me about 35 minutes by my count of songs on my mp3 player.  🙂

Sweaty and satisfied:


I don’t know much about trail running and then was my first attempt, but I had fun!  I hear the Lakeshore Miracle Run is tough, so I need to do some more training for hilly trails (since the Michigan race is on the dunes) and I need to actually run some trails instead of walk.

Also, I discovered that running skirts aren’t the best attire for trails in the heat: the extra material swooshing around was just annoying.  I bought a new pair of capri-length running tights and a pair of knee-length running shorts and Fleet Feet Sarasota this weekend, which will probably become my new trail running bottoms!  (Pictures coming soon.)

The Husband and I packed a picnic lunch for after the run: we each got a sandwich and a bag of chips from Einstein bagels.  (I ordered turkey but got chicken salad, which was okay.  My chips of choice were Sun Chips.)  I also brought an apple and the Husband an orange, but I wasn’t hungry enough!


(Do you love my little Vera Bradley cooler?  Birthday gift from the parents!)

In other running news, I’ve started my marathon training program.  I spread my 5-miler for this weekend over two days because I had an all-day work training on Saturday.  However, my shins were killing me on Sunday and I did lots of walking.

I’m certainly not overtraining, so that can’t be the cause of my shin problems.  I’m trying to figure out if:

  1. I need new shoes (unlikely since I bought mine in January)
  2. I have a stress fracture

I am taking this week off running (boo!!) and icing my shins.  I’ll head out for a run on Sunday (another work training on Saturday) and see how it goes.  If I have pain, I’m going to the doctor.

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  1. I’m glad to see you are back to posting! I can’t wait for the school year to be over!

  2. Me, too! I was unaware it was possible to work this much. It’s driving me NUTS! Yesterday I was at a conference and today I spent two hours writing a newspaper unit.

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