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Shin Pain? What Shin Pain?

Shin Pain Update:

This week, I took six days off running.  Last Sunday, I went out for a 2.5 mile run to make up for the 5 miler that I cut down to a 2.5 miler on Saturday because I had to work.

At the start of the run, my shins were screaming, but I thought they just needed to warm up and get stretched out.  Not so – halfway through the run, it was worse!  I walked the last mile and cried when I got home.  I was so worried that I was developing stress fractures, but confused because I certainly hadn’t been overtraining!

I did some major icing and resting all week, and on Saturday I went for a 2.8 mile walk and felt really good – just a little pain in my hips, signaling I could use new shoes soon.

Since I couldn’t run Saturday morning with my group (West Florida regional conference and professional development for work), Sue and I met up at 7:00 this morning for a 4 miler.

I warned my running buddy ahead of time that we may have shin issues, but guess what?  No problem!  Not during the run, not after the run.  Rest and ice all week must have worked – I felt fabulous the whole time.

Okay, my shins felt fabulous – I felt hot and sluggish, the symptoms of running in Florida in the summer!  Summer training will be tough; last summer, I mostly hid inside my old gym in Celebration or went on runs after dark.  I’ve been following all the advice, though:  wearing light, moisture wicking clothes, a CoolMax hat, and sunscreen; carrying water; and keeping my pace slow.

Upcoming Races:

I’ve updated my race calendar based on my marathon training plan from Fleet Feet Sarasota’s Galloway training plan.  My group doesn’t have a scheduled run the weekend of Memorial Day – our schedule says “Sammy’s Run.”

I Googled this event and found out that it’s a local 10k that benefits Oak Park School, a special needs school in Sarasota, and the Phelen-McDermid Syndrome Foundation.  I’m always up for supporting local schools (I know some Oak Park teachers through county professional development and they are wonderful) so I signed up ASAP!  Mike plans to run, too, though not with me as he is much faster.  🙂

Since it’s on our training schedule, I’m hoping at least a few of my running buddies will be there.  The race is on Sunday, May 29, and it’s sure to be HOT!  When I ran a race last year on July 4, I ran my worst time every because it was just so hot and muggy, so I’m not expecting a PR.  I am expecting to have a great time with my husband and friends on a Sunday morning, though!


So, my friend Michelle from work is a runner who has done some serious races, recently including the Sarasota Half Marathon.  She said she would love to run with a group, so I gave her a Galloway flyer from Fleet Feet and she tried it out this Saturday (even though I wasn’t there to run with her, sniff, sniff!)

I got this e-mail from here today: 

I just wanted you to know I had a great run on Saturday and decided to join.  I will see you next Saturday & I am going to run the Disney marathon!

I’m thrilled to have a new friend joining me, and even more thrilled that she has set her sights on a marathon!  I have to e-mail her the link to this blog so she can check it out – hi Michelle!

So much excitement on the horizon: new races, new running friends, and hopefully no more shin pain!  I’m looking forward to at least one trail run this week.  Stay tuned!


4 Responses

  1. Allison, I hope you don’t think me weird for following your blog when I only know you from the disboards, but I so enjoy reading your updates. With you being a year ahead of me in experience, I feel like I learn a lot when I read your posts.

    I live in Tennessee, so I will be dealing with the hot and humid weather soon (I ran in 85 degrees and humid last week–so much harder. It’s cooled down now, but when summer arrives in full force we’ll be in the 90s with high humidity). I hope to do some of my running in the early morning, but with a husband who travels some and young kids, that’s not always possible. I often have to rely on the childcare hours at the Y.

    So, I need to invest in some cooler apparel, and I have a question about the hat. Does it have a hole for a ponytail in the back? I couldn’t tell from the website picture.

    Thanks for your help. It really is encouraging to read about your progress! (By the way, I was a teacher in my pre-motherhood life–I taught third grade, first grade, and was a Reading Recovery teacher, so I appreciate your efforts as an educator as well!)

  2. So glad to hear that your shins stopped screaming!! Keep running and way to go on getting the Husband off and running too. Hugs!!

  3. Yeah, he’s pretty committed to this Lakeshore Miracle Run. He’s been hitting the trails and running the bridge, the only hill available in Sarasota. I’m beginning to wonder whether I can do that race, but he and Josh will have fun without me. 🙂

  4. Not weird at all! My hat totally has a ponytail hole in the back, and a Velcro closure that is very convenient. I basically put my hair in a low ponytail using a stretchy headband, and then put the hat over that. Now that my hair is getting longer, I will start braiding it to prevent tangling. I’ve been thinking about trying a visor, too, so I could braid my hair or wear pigtail braids.

    My strategy for summer running last year was running after dark, but that was when I lived in idyllic Celebration, with well-lit and safe trails and sidewalks. Downtown Sarasota is not so, but if I head out around 6:00 A.M., it should still be cool enough.

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