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Another Half on the Schedule!

Today’s Run

It’s Saturday, so I ran with my Fleet Feet Sarasota training group this morning.  My buddy Michelle from work was there, and midway through the run, Whitney caught up with us!  She had been late and booked it to find us.

Chatting with Michelle about work, life, and kids made the run go fast, and once we ran into Whitney, I was happy to catch up with her because we hadn’t run together in forever!

Good news:  Whitney announced that her sister signed up for the Disney Marathon, so she’s taking that as a sign that she should run, too!  Now I just have to work on Sue… 😉

We ran five miles in about 65 minutes; I’m happy with that pace, given the heat and humidity!  (It was better today, so I didn’t feel like I was about to die.)  Before the run, Pat from Fleet Feet was encouraging everyone to add a scoop of GU electrolyte powder to their water, so I gave it a try.  The raspberry flavor was yummy, and since I sweat a LOT, I think sipping an electrolyte drink helped contribute to the I’m-doing-okay-and-won’t-die-on-this-run feeling!

After the run, I stayed and listened to a local physical therapist talk about stretching.  I should have taken notes, but his main ideas were:

  • Runners should stretch every day
  • Aim to hold a stretch for at least 30 seconds
  • Stretching is important because it allows our muscles to stretch out and work more efficiently when running, rather than snapping back and forth
  • Foam rollers are wonderful and every runner should own one.

Updated Race Schedule

A lot of race scheduling has been going on lately!  One big decision I’ve made is that instead of running the Lakeshore Miracle Run, a 10k on the Lake Michigan dunes, I’m going to watch the Husband and his friend Josh run.  I know the area of the course, and I think the dunes would be too much for my knees.  Also, we have a wedding at 2:00 that day, the race starts at 8:30, and the wedding is 2 hours away.  I am slow and this would put us in a time crunch.

Also, the Maine marathon won’t be happening, despite the fact that we were SO excited about a fall long weekend.  We have friend getting married in Michigan the weekend after that and I cannot take all that time off work.

So here’s what’s on the schedule:

  • Sammy’s Run 5k, May 29, 2010:  I wrote about this last week; it’s a 5k that benefits Oak Park School, a special needs school here in Sarasota.  I’m sure my teacher running buddies will join me, and Mike plans to run as well!
  • Charlevoix Half Marathon, June 26, 2010:  This is new to the schedule!  We’ll arrive in Michigan the Thursday before this race for our summer trip.  Husband will be canoeing with fraternity brothers this weekend, so when my friend Michelle (from Michigan) announced her race plans on Facebook, I immediately volunteered to run with her.  We have done one race together before – the Grand Haven Coast Guard Run 5k in 2009:

GEDC1398 Michelle and me in matching outfits, preparing to kind of ignore each other for 36 minutes at the Coast Guard Run in 2010.  We’re not big talkers.  :)  We’ll call her Michigan Michelle or Michelle S. from now on to avoid confusion.

  • Disney Marathon, January 9, 2011:  I am officially registered for THE BIG ONE!

I have registered for all three of these races, so they are “official” as of right now.  I’m pretty geeked for the Charlevoix Half Marathon – it’s in Northern Michigan, which is beautiful, and I always love running with Michelle.

Right now, the Husband has dinner on the grill (BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, zucchini and summer squash) and I need to eat and sleep since I am meeting Sue for a morning run!

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