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Morning Run/Swim at the Gym

Last night, I should have gone for a run, but I was entirely too worn out from my day at school.  So I made plans to do something I have never done before: go to the gym before work!

I made a mental list of what to pack, put my bag together, and set out my running clothes.  I packed in the bag my swimming stuff and everything I needed to shower and get ready for work.

My alarm went off at 5:40 and I was ready to go since I’d also made a lunch the day before.  I was in the car by 5:50 and at the gym by about 6:00.  I spent 20 minutes doing run 2/walk 1 intervals on the treadmill, then changed and jumped into the pool.

Swim workout:

  • Warm up:  4×25
  • Drill:  2×25 kick, 2×25 pull
  • Ladder:  25, 50, 50, 25
  • Cool down:  2×25
  • Total:  400 meters

Getting ready for work at the gym was no big deal since I have long hair that I usually wear in a ponytail.  I was on my way to work by about 7:20, stopped at Starbucks, and made it here in time to laminate some things!


I sent my dad a Facebook message asking him to hunt down and send to me some pictures from myswim team days.  I know they’re around somewhere, but he couldn’t find any actual swim team pictures to send.  He did, however, find some pictures that illustrate my longstanding love of water!

I’m sure the one on the left is in my yard in a kiddie pool, but the one on the right is from swimming lessons.  I think my mom had me in swim lessons before I was walking!  We used to go to the beaches on Lake Michigan a lot when I was a kid, and later we had a membership to a community pool in the sumemrs.

My family calls the second one my “Baywatch” picture since I look like I’m rescuing someone.  In reality, this was the summer before 9th grade and I am boogie boarding at a beach on Cape Cod – about two years before my lifeguarding career began.  🙂

Now I’m waiting to see if a morning run/swim workout makes me energized or just tired – right now, I can tell you that it just makes me hungry!


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    ps: You should *cough cough* change your *ahem* age on your profile… 😉

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