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Mike’s First Race

My husband used to be quite the running superstar when he was a kid!  His parents took him to lots of local races, and he even won the under-12 age group once at a race in Grand Haven, Michigan.

He picked up running again this spring, and when I asked him if he wanted to do Sammy’s Run, a local 5k that my running group was doing, he said sure!

Race morning was a little different than usual with two of us getting ready to run, but in the confusion of realizing we hadn’t taken the laundry out of the washer (which contained most of our running stuff), coordinating rides with Whitney and Sue, and both trying to get food and water into us, we eventually made it out the door.

Sammy’s Run benefits both the Oak Park School, a specials needs school in Sarasota, and Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation.  It was Memorial Day-themed, with red, white, and blue event shirts.  We tried to get into the spirit by wearing red and blue:


Cheerleaders-turned-runners always have to wear hair ribbons!

GEDC3046 GEDC3047 GEDC3048 

The problem with both of us running is the lack of a photographer!  We left the camera in the car, but snapped one picture before the run:


Whitney and Sue picked up their packets at the race, and we almost missed the start!  We made it, though, and as the three of us jogged ahead, Mike immediately picked up his pace.  We saw him just before the turnaround, and he was looking good!

The three of us ladies stuck to our 2/1 intervals and chatted about the end of the school year and our Memorial Day plans.  We kept up with 12:30 miles pretty much the whole time and finished just as the clock said 38:00.  No D-tags or Chips were used, so I have no idea what our “official” time was.  It was just a fun run!

Mike finished in 27:00, which I think is an excellent time but he wants to improve.  He said he held back until the turnaround because he didn’t want to go out too fast.  When he realized he was halfway through, he kicked it up a notch.  He says that when he finished, he felt like he hadn’t given it his all and could have gone out faster.

Oh well – there will be more races for him, I’m sure!


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  1. “Good job” to both of you! Hugs.

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