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Good-bye, Sickness! Hello, Swimming!

I have been sick this past week – sore throat on Sunday and Monday, so much so that I stayed home from work on Monday, and then the illness migrated to my sinuses for the remainder of the week.  Lovely!  This meant that I didn’t walk, I didn’t run, I didn’t swim – I didn’t do anything.  Thursday, I actually felt like a walk, so I asked myself: will I feel better or worse after a walk?  The answer honestly was that I thought with the heat/humidity and my stuffy head, I would feel worse.  Therefore, I just stayed home.

Sammy’s Run was a bit of a challenge with a head cold.  I forgot to bring a tissue pack!  However, Pat from Fleet Feet came to my rescue and gave me her handkerchiefThis is why I love Fleet Feet!  (I need to remember to wash and return it, along with one of their towels that I borrowed for a stretch two weeks ago.  I am not on the ball lately.)

Today, although I still have a runny nose, I feel better and in fact felt well enough to swim this morning!  I put on my swim suit as soon as I got out of bed and wore it while making breakfast and reading the paper.  (If I’m already in it, then there’s no excuse NOT to swim!)

I shuffled the card for an 800 meter endurance workout to the front of my Ziploc bag.

Swim Stats

  • Warm up:  1×25, 1×50, 1×75
  • Drill: 2×25 pull, 2×25 kick
  • Ladder: 25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 50, 25
  • Cool down:  1×75, 1×50, 1×25
  • I wasn’t ready to be done, so I kicked another 4×25, and then did 50 breaststroke and 50 backstroke

I kind of hate swimming front crawl (freestyle) but I do it anyway for my workouts.  I used to be a pretty mean breaststroker and backstroker, so it was fun to do a bit of each at the end.

My swim was an even 1000 meters.  I can already feel my endurance improving: swimming 50 straight was a bit of a struggle on day one, and now I can do 100 straight (admittedly it’s still a struggle.)  I’m grateful that I swam so much as a kid because now, as a runner, I can easily get back into swimming for good cross training.  I think a lot of runners shy away from swimming for training simply because they don’t think they can swim.

I need to stop blogging now because I’m really just procrastinating what I should be doing, which is homework for my Methods of Teaching ESOL class.  We have a BBQ housewarming party for some friends this evening, too.  Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!

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