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School’s Out!

Guess what?  Friday was the last day of school for me!  WA-HOO!  I kept the kids pretty busy until the end, taking tests, setting summer reading goals, and writing reflections of the school year.  Friday we had the middle school helping to move their classrooms upstairs to our second floor, which we will occupy next year, and cleaning the classrooms we are vacating.  It was a learning experience, though: we had kids doing everything from inventorying furniture to building tables (using a drill – with supervision, of course) to doing touch-up paint jobs on the walls.  And I only sustained a few cuts and bruises.  😉

I still essentially have another week of work: I will be at school Monday, and Tuesday I fly to Bowling Green, Kentucky for my first consultant gig.

I managed to get in two formal workouts this week:  swimming on Tuesday and running today (Saturday.)

Swim Stats

I did a quick 800 meter form workout Tuesday after work:

  • Warm up:  1×25, 1×50, 1×75
  • Drill:  3×25 right arm, 3×25 pull, 3×25 left arm, 3×25 kick, 3×25 catch up
  • Swim:  3×50 easy, focusing on technique
  • Cool down:  2×50, 1×25

Run Stats

It’s summer in Florida, folks!  My Fleet Feet Sarasota running group met at 5:45 A.M. or our 8-mile run, and it was already 80 degrees outside.  We ran a slow 8 miles doing our usual run 2/walk 1 intervals but taking about 4 water and stretch breaks.  The whole workout took about 2 hours.

Another reason I love Fleet Feet:  back at the store, Pat had towels soaking in a bowl of ice water so we could cool down.  That was the best feeling ever!  I poured water over my face, neck, and arms before I stretched.  It was like jumping in a chilly swimming pool!

This weekend is devoted to getting ready for my consulting trip and doing homework for my online ESOL class.  Lots of work, but we’re trying to find some time to celebrate the end of a successful school year as well!  My plans for the summer would ideally involve spending two months on the couch with good books; I’m sure I’ll do plenty of that, but also on the schedule are a three-week Michigan trip with two races, my school’s national forum in July, and Mike’s family reunion.

What’s on your summer schedule?

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