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The Good Life

I know some people think that teachers have the easy life because of the summers off.  I’ll give it to you straight: we work hard all school year (the myth of leaving work at 3:00 is SO not true!) and use the summers to catch up on work, but we do enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our schedule!

I love summer because I get the time to do things I want to do.  So far this week, I have gotten my car fixed and tuned up, been to the library and read a few books, worked on organizing our recipe and menu binders, done my ESOL class homework, and cleaned around the house.

Oh yeah, and I’ve gotten in some workouts!

Siesta Key Beach Run

Tuesday, I joined some teacher friends from work and their families at the Siesta Key Beach Run.  These are fun runs sponsored by a local group, the Manasota Track Club.  The weekly Tuesday night events include a one-mile kids’ run and a run for adults that is usual 3-4 miles with some kind of theme.  The beach runs are extremely well attended by locals and visitors alike.

Running on beautiful Siesta Key Beach sounds great, right?


Well, you have to remember that this is summer in Florida on the beach at 7:00 P.M.  It was sunny, 90 degrees, humid, and windy – plus, I’ve never run on a beach before!  I’m not going to lie: I struggled and my friend Michelle pulled me through with a lot of walk breaks.  It took us 44 minutes, which is MUCH slower than my usual 3 miles; taking into account the sand and the weather, I was proud of my performance!  I will definitely be back at Siesta Key Beach Runs the rest of the summer!  (I’ll bring the camera next time…)

Yoga at the Gym

I wanted to do another yoga workout since I felt so good this Saturday and then I traveled again.  I was thinking of popping in my DVD or finding a studio in my neighborhood where I could pay for a drop-in class, and then I remembered my gym offers yoga!

I showed up to the 6:30 class on Wednesday night, and there were about 10 other people there.  The class moved at a medium pace through several series of poses, some easy and some more challenging.  It was not as challenging as Saturday’s class in Bowling Green, but I was looking for a relaxing stretch.  I think this class will become part of my cross training routine.

Charlevoix Half Marathon

I am running the Charlevoix Half Marathon with my friend Michelle on June 26 – this is just nine days from now!  Since I have just started marathon training, I’m not running double digits yet.  My longest runs since my half marathons in March have been two 8-milers and the Aflac IronGirl Clearwater 15k in April.

I have been running regularly, eating healthy, and doing a lot of cross training, though.  I’m going to trust my experience and the fact that even though I haven’t been “training” for a half marathon, I have stayed active, to get me through the race.

I’m headed off to be productive with my day, which is actually going to include going into school!

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